New Model no. 15 (velvet_eden) wrote in the_mmc,
New Model no. 15

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Three beautiful pics!

*giggles like a schoolgirl*
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I miss those days with his long beautiful hair.::Weep::
that is so hot... Hehe it looks exactly like my Boyfriend.

I miss when manson looked like that too. he is still beautiful not not the same.
wow! i thought i saw all from that set.. apparently not. (the last 2 pics) wonderful none the less.
Hottness..deflated tit,good times <3


January 19 2005, 21:53:41 UTC 13 years ago

beautiful i will be posting something soon i hope
o that was hot.... did u start this community..? omg..... shoud i cut my hair....>? i dont kno what to do..... im gunna put red blue and purple streeks in it though!!! weeeeee!!1

well love ya lots